Implimentation of safety procedures, supply of safety equpements

Smela Safety is committed to providing all mine operators, miners, and contractors the implementation and execution of workplace safety assistance, regulatory compliance support and mine training. Our services are designed to provide businesses, workers and contractors with the knowledge and tools they need to understand what it takes to work safe daily, their rights, responsibilities, and compliance requirements. Our mine safety professionals have both academic and boots on the ground experience for the different types of mines and quarries to include coal, metal, nonmetal, above and underground operations. Mine safety challenges are unique in comparison to other industries. Miners and others working in these situations face serious hazards on a daily basis. If your company performs work at quarries or mines, you are also required to establish and maintain a safety program, a mine safety training program, and a hazard assessment under good guidelines. We offer a full range of services to help you comply with international standards, lower your accident exposures, and enhance your safety culture: Safety Program and Policy Development, Training Plan Development, Site Assessments (Inspection), Accident Investigations, Safety Training, Emphasis inspection and evaluation, Gap assessments, Safety perception surveys, Behavioral based surveys, Mine Inspection Assistance, Support Fatal investigations

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