Who we are

We are a team of professionals with high standards and experience in high-quality products supply and world-class services.

Our values and cardinal rules

We are a customer centric services, business, we focus on understanding our costumers’ needs, ensuring that we always meet their expectations. We are concerned about how much value we can produce for our clients as this relates to the amount of time, money and resources needed. We strive to provide our customers with innovative solutions to enhance the service life of their operating assets. We provide services that will perform its intended function without failing. We have the best people to Turn your business into a trusted brand

These are SMELA's principles that constitute the bedrock of our company philosophy, therefore, requiring commitment and responsibility on our behalf to implement them as efficient as they are intended to be.

  1. LIFTING OPERATIONS: We will always exercise extreme vigilance and adhere to procedures when operating lifting equipment.
  2. WORKING AT HEIGHTS: We will always ensure that I wear a harness that is hooked-up. I will be trained and appointed.
  3. SUSBTANCE ABUSE: We commit to zero tolerance and sober habits when reporting to and duringduty.
  4. MOBILE EQUIPMENT: We will abide by all traffic rules always when operating mobile equipment.
  5. CONFINED SPACE: enter vessels that are tested for oxygen deficiencies and gas with a signed permit.
  6. LOCK OUT – TAG OUT: will ensure that all equipment is locked out and tagged out prior of work.